1)Choose the Best Dog Crate Sizes

What size dog crate do we need?

Before we started, I have to mention the biggest mistake made by lots of pet owners when choosing crate for dogs. That is to Buy Too large Crates for their dogs. People are always so kind to try offer more rooms for their dogs by giving an extra large crate.

Easy to understand but it’s not right.

Firstly, Duing to dogs nature, they will keep clean for their sleeping area. If the crate size is too big, he will take the rest as bathroom easily. Besides, dogs naturally like to stay in the small den places for more sense of safety and security.  

So the appropriate crate size for dog is necessary. That rises another two questions.

  1. How to Measure the size for dog
  2. What size dog crate is right?

So, let’s go through the first one.

How to Measure a Dog


Step 1: Leading your dog standing, measuring from the nose to the tail, then you get the length.


Step 2: Sometimes, dogs are different height in different position so we need measure twice in this step.

With your dog standing tall, measuring from top to bottom, then you get the Height1.

With your dog seating straight , measuring from top to bottom ,then you get the Height2 .

 Record the Bigger data. 

Step 3: With your dog standing in front of you, measuring the widest part of your pets. Then you get the width.

Keep the 3 figure in mind and let’s do a simple math to get the result.

So, (Height+2 in)*(Width+4 in)*(Length+4 in) is the right crate size for your dogs. You just need to find the most closely size in the market.

Keep the data in mind and Let’s head to the next topic of best dog crate style choosing.

 2)Choose the Best Type of Dog Crates

There are mainly four types of crate based on material.

1.Metal & Wire dog Crates [heavy duty]

Wire Best Dog CrateWire Dog Crates also named as metal dog crates because it’s made from Metal wire. Owing to its convenient & durable & Divider deign, it’s the most popular model. Personally, I highly suggest to have a Wire Crate with divider [to adjust the room of living] if you have a puppy dogs.  


  • Divider Panels Design for adjusting different stage of growing dog
  • Offers the most airflow [Useful especial in hot weather]
  • Easy to keep clean [Most models with a slide out tray]
  • Foldable design so Easy to storage
  •  Double door convenient design
  •  Durable and sturdy


  • Very heavy to carry
  • Causes big noise when dog move around
  • Possibly can be open by escape artists
  • The design not very attractive

Below are the most suggested Dog Wire Crates with Different Size:


Best Plastic Dog Crate2. Plastic Crates

Plastic dog crates are the middle choice between soft-sided crate and Wire crates, they are most used for travel purpose for example car travel or air transportation. Btw, For Air transportation, you should have Airline approved dog crate.


  • Best way to transport dogs
  • Gives More Privacy and Security for Dogs
  • Difficult to Escape than Most Wire Cates
  • Keep Dog Warm in Cold Weather Because of Shelter
  • The Bottom can be Used as a Dog Bed when its Damaged


  • Not easy to clean
  • Need More Storage Space because it can’t fold
  • The temperature will be hot in hot weather

Below are the most suggested Wire Crates with Different Size:

  • Larger Dog Size [42’ 48’ 54’]
  • Medium Dog Size [30’ 36’]
  • Small Dog Size [18’ 22’ 24’]


best Soft Sided Dog Crate 3. Soft-sided Crates [Nylon mainly]

Soft sided dog crate is the crate made from stell tube and fabric covers. They can be foldable to flat and weight almost nothing .Generally, they are the Greatest model for carrying small dogs.


  • It’s folded so easy to carry and storage. Mostly comes with a carrying bag/handle
  • Soft and flexible , they are more comfortable for dogs than most of other model
  • The shape naturally like den/cage, dogs easy to get used to.


  • Not very durable especially the dog like to chew or scratch
  • Not easy to stay clean because the material.
  • Only for small/Medium dogs
  • Some smart dogs know how to unzip and open the doors.

Below are the most suggested Wire Crates with Different Size:

  • Larger Dog Size [42’ 48’ 54’]
  • Medium Dog Size [30’ 36’]
  • Small Dog Size [18’ 22’ 24’]


Wodden best Dog Crate4. Wooden/Rattan Crates [More Fashion or Stylish]

This kind of dog crates that just look like furniture. These are fashion, style and decorative. Most of them are made from hardwood / Rattan and steel wire.


  • Attractive. It’s more suitable for indoor than the rest model.
  • Can double up as a furniture to use.
  • Different styles available.


  • Not easy to remove the odor because the wood material
  • Destructive dogs will damage the wood frame sometimes.
  • They’re expensive than the rest.

If you are looking for Style Dog Crate, here are the Variety of the Best Wood Dog Crate model.