Sometimes, buying Dog Grooming Shears for our pet is something of great importance.

Having a pet at home comes with its own set of responsibilities. While feeding them and taking the best care of them comes almost naturally , it is important for one to get the pet’s fur groomed and smoothened every once in a while. A professional groomer undoubtedly does the task to its best but when you are an owner of a dog at home, you might want to do it all on your own or prefer to lessen the trips to the grooming professional to cut down on cost. The dog grooming scissors are readily available in the market to make your task easier, safer and smoother.


Before Buying Dog Grooming Shears

While you must have decided to choose the right grooming shear for your dog, it is important to lay emphasis on some of the characteristics of the best dog shears to choose one. Here are the things to consider before you buy your own piece.

  • Quality: The grooming shears for dogs are available in several versions of blades including the carbon steel, stainless steel or even the high cobalt steel one – choose the one which suits your purpose. Professionals make use of stainless steel because of its sharp and sustained use!
  • Use: There are various dog hair shears or dog hair clippers available in the market for different areas and use like thinning shears for dogs, curved shears for grooming, professional dog grooming shears, etc. Choose the shape and sharpness according to the area to be trimmed or groomed.
  • Types: The dog grooming shears are available in variants in scissors, shears, and curved cutters to target different segments like cutting the tail area, cutting off matted fur, trimming under the paws etc. Choose the tool according.
  • Brand: Choose the brand which is known for its products and its long-lasting use.

Comparison Table

GimarsPet Grooming Shears Set4 PcsStainless steelCheck Price
AlfheimPet Grooming Shears Set5 PcsStainless steelCheck Price
Pet MegasinPet Thining Shears1 PcsStainless steelCheck Price
Conair PRORound-tip Shears1 PcsStainless steelCheck Price
YogoPet Grooming Scissors Set3 PcsStainless steelCheck Price


How I selected top products

When finding the right dog grooming shears one question that pops up in our mind is ‘what are the best dog grooming scissors? And how do I find them?’. To find the perfect pieces I set on to choose the products on the following basis:

  • Blades: Preference was given to the blades which last long, don’t rust easily and are smoother.
  • Product design: The grooming shear needs to be designed in such a way that it makes using it comfortable and safe for the dog.
  • Directed use: One grooming kit which does all the work is preferred more than the one which only serves for a part of the dog body or a particular area. Therefore, the choice was made to fit in less of groomers which served multiple area grooming.
  • User experiences:When selecting the perfect piece, the preference was given to the ones which have been used by many people and have given satisfactory result and usage to them.

1.Gimars Dog Grooming Scissors Sets

Dog Grooming Shears set

Gimars is a brand which exclusively manufactures high-quality products for pets and daily care. Their craft is loaded with expert precision in design and fine quality of the products they sell. And therefore, when it comes to Gimars grooming scissors Set they have made use of heavy duty stainless steel with titanium coating as well as cold treatment for hardness to provide for best comfortable use. The style of the scissors is such that it made for a no hassle, smooth and fine finish. Gimars grooming scissors sets comes as a set of 3 scissors, one comb and a cloth in a zipper pouch to provide for a complete set. The cutting and thinning shears help in thinning out the pet’s fur while the curved shear targets the sensitive and difficult areas. With adjustable screws and a cleaning cloth, these scissors can be taken care of to maintain for long while serving you best for thinning or trimming your pet’s hair.


  • Sharp and heavy-duty blade
  • A complete Hair Grooming kit for dogs
  • Comes with 3 scissors, one comb, one cloth – targeted to all-round use
  • Ergonomically designed 7” inch scissors with precision
  • Smart design handles for comfortable usage


  • Differently shaped scissors help in trimming and thinning even sensitive areas
  • Very comfortable to use & clean
  • Easy to store
  • Fine quality blades for best use


  • There is no cushioning in the handle

·         Requires cleaning and sharpening after a while

2. Alfheim Dog Grooming Shears Set

Dog Grooming Shears setProfessionals make use of scissors which are fine quality blades with excellent comfort to let them use the scissors for hours without any strain. Same is the idea with which Alfheim designs their scissors and make it usable on dogs for trimming the hair. The Alfheim pet hair grooming scissors are a four-scissor piece grooming set which comes with an extra comb and zipped in a pouch to make it a complete pack. The four-piece of scissors consists of cutting, thinning, up-curved and down-curved scissors which are excellent at targeting different areas of the dog for trimming and thinning of hair. These scissors are made with strong stainless-steel blades that are long lasting and have the perfect sharpness to chop the fur off. The come that comes as a free gift has two sections to provide for best tracing of matted hair and chopping them off. This is a complete pack for easy thinning and trimming dog shears.


  • 4-piece grooming set for thinning and trimming pet hair
  • Comes with different variants to target the different areas of trimming
  • Superior design to bring comfort while using
  • Comes with a free comb
  • Powerful blade shears for precision trimming


  • Very comfortable with finger and thumb rests
  • Super sharp shears with straight edge shear to target difficult areas
  • Complete set for trimming, shaving, combing dog hair


  • Does not provide any cleaning tool
  • Two shears are small and can be difficult to use

3. Pet Megasin Dog Thinning Scissors

dog thinning shears

Pet Megasin as a brand offers a good solution to thinning pet hair with a simple tool which has sharp blades and comfortable handle to use it. The Pet Megasin thinning scissors is a straight edge shear with super sharp surgical stainless-steel blade which offers easy glide on the fur while cutting the toughest of thick fur. This is easy to use to get a natural look of the pet’s fur. The thoughtful design provides for easy glide in several areas and trimming them with a 28-tooth comb. The Pet Megasin thinning scissors also provide for getting a choppy or clean look while helping remove biggest of fur lumps. This is a one-piece pack which ensures that most of the trimming and thinning can be done with the use of just one scissor. Long lasting but a bit difficult to clean – this tool is a savior for times when you have to cut down the pet matter and lumped fur.


  • Straight edge shear for thinning and trimming dog hair
  • Helps smooth shread of coarse fur, matted fur and more
  • Easy handles for expert handling
  • Glides on difficult areas to provide smooth thinning


  • Sharp shear for smoothing coarse hair
  • Stainless steel blade with 28 tooth surface cuts with precision
  • Easy to use and comfortable


  • Only a single piece and does not cater to all the area trimming
  • No comb to even out the fur


4. Conair PRO Round-tip Dog Hair Shears

round-tip dog hair shears

Conair is a popular brand dealing with the pet care products to provide hassle-free and professional pet grooming. Conair PRO shears come with a sleek and travel free design which helps in trimming the dog fur and thinning it in an easy glide way. This Conair PRO shears variant is available in three sizes i.e. 5-inch, 6-inch, and 7-inch to meet the needs of different pet sizes and their fur. The unique non-sticky smooth surface of the scissor helps in moving through the dog fur with ease while the rounded tip ensures the safety of usage. The Conair PRO shears have fine stainless-steel blades which cut the fur with ease. The design is simple and comfortable making it comfortable to use and use friendly too.


  • Sleek design and smooth tip scissor
  • Cuts the fur with precision and ease
  • Comes in 5 inches, 6 inches, and 7-inch variant
  • Light on the hand with comfortable handles
  • Soft grip and easy glide


  • Travel-friendly and easy to use
  • Sharp blades help in better cuts
  • Curved tips save from potential cuts to dogs


  • Really small for tough and coarse fur
  • Does not target the difficult areas
  • Does not come with a comb
  • Incomplete to trim or thin the entire fur body of the dog


5.Yogo Dog Grooming Scissors Set – Economic Choice

 Dog Grooming Shears set

Yogo is one of the smartest manufacturers of pet care essentials and they focus on creating high-quality products which are user-friendly and also easier to carry. The Yogo Grooming Shears set is essentially a three-piece set of scissors with stainless steel blades and to target different segments of pet trimming and grooming. The pack consists of one facial scissors, one thinning scissors and one body hair trimming straight edge shears for making it super easy for us to trim and clean the matted fur or lumped fur with ease. The rounded top makes Yogo Pet Grooming Scissors sets a much safer scissor to use on the pets defining ease to control while your pet tries to move. The three scissors target different areas making it super smooth to provide for a natural look of the fur while giving your pet a beautiful look. The design of the scissors is exclusively laid attention to providing for a comfortable experience of the owners of the pets even when are beginning to learn the trimming or thinning of their pet fur. Yogo Grooming Scissors Set is a great product to invest in when you have just begun housing a pet and want to learn trimming and thinning their hair or even just chopping off those lumped matted fur from their body once in a while.


  • Yogo Grooming Scissors set is a three-piece scissor dog grooming shear
  • Made of stainless steel for fine finish
  • Provides for tracking different needs of trimming
  • Provides for great use for even the beginners
  • Rounded tip provides for easy cut and safety


  • Easy use trimmer, thinner & cutter for beginners
  • Light and easy on the hand
  • Safe for the pets with safe tips
  • Travel-friendly


  • Can be difficult on the coarse hair
  • Not long lasting
  • The kit doesn’t provide for anything to clean the scissors
  • Not easy to store after the pack is opened


Final Verdict

Dog grooming shears are increasingly becoming popular amongst pet owners because of its extended use and reliability when you are at home and need to cut off some of their fur which is troubling them. To cut down on the professional grooming expenses and times of need one must invest in a good dog grooming shear and therefore a stainless steel one with a complete kit of combing and cleaning is the best choice. Choose the Gimars grooming scissors set or the Alfheim scissors set to get a complete set at once which targets all the segments. But if you are strictly looking for something for rare use or only the needful times, it is best to go for a single scissor which is both easy and affordable. Therefore, choosing the Pet Megasin Thinning scissor or even the other two are right choices. All of the five serve the purpose greatly and are therefore highly recommended!