Which are the best dog hair clippers? Its really hard to answer. There are so many brand including Andis, Wahl, Oster, Sminiker and so many types from Cordless to Corded, from single speed to Variable speeds.

In most cases, too much choices means no choice. We hope this list helps you pick out an exactly dog hair clippers.

Best Dog Hair Clippers 2019

When it comes to buying dog grooming clippers, you need to keep something in mind.

Pet Clipper NameWorking ModeBattery CapacityMotor SpeedBest UseLatest Price


Cordless600mah600mahSmooth/Short Coat

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Andis AG2 +

CordedN/A2700/3400SPMAll Coats

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Wahl U-clip

CordedN/A7200SPMMedium Coats

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Andis AGC

CordedN/A3400/4400SPMAll Coats

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Wahl Pet-Pro

CordedN/AN/ASmooth/Short Coat

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Oster A5

CordedN/A3000/4000SPMAll Coats

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Cordless2000mah9000RpmMedium Coats

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WAHL #9590-210

Cordless1600mahN/AAll Coats

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Andis MBG-2

CordedN/A3700SPMMedium Coats

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Cordless2200mahN/AMedium Coats

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1. OneisAll – Perfect for Fine-Cutting- No.1 Choice

BestTrendy P2

Oneisall a new brand comparing with Wahl, Andis, Oster. Let’s see what feature they have.

The design is just great. The R shape design blade made from ceramic with which can make sure the durable and sharp. With 5 degree fine-tuning functions from 0.8mm to 2mm by simply rotate the circle. Just Perfect for fine cutting.  

The another things is the working mode is extremely quiet (below 50db) so the pets will not afraid. And the full set of oneisall comes with 2 extra scissors, 1 combs. Although it’s not our major concerns , but every groomers need a pair of scissors.    

Overall, it’s really decent from everyside except the low running time (around 70minutes). However, considering it’s both works for cordless and corded model, its not our major issues after all.


  • R Shape Blade design
  • Quite Working
  • Great Design
  • Scissors accessories


  • Working time is not enough for cordless model


2. Andis Detachable Plus Model AG2 

Andis Clippers #1

Andis is a company with history of more than 90 years. Their trimmers have been around for years. Today, we are looking at their latest creation, the Andis AG2.  

This Andis dog clippers with 2 Speed working mode. Standard Speed mode [2700spm] is specially designed for general grooming. While high speed mode [3400spm] with 25% faster than normal speed because the superior rotating motor, which enable the hair clippers smooth and fast trimming for cutting heavy coats.    

At the same times, it also with a cool-running smart design which eliminates fans and vents [eliminates hair clogged situation] .Just Remember, this design is particularly usually when cutting for thick hair pet.

Besides, The engineer of Andis do take user experience into considering as well. This Clippers provides a locking switch design which can ensure the clipper will not accidentally shut off during grooming. The blades is detachable which makes easy for cleaning and replacing.

Overall,the Andis AG2 is a wonderful dog hair Clippers. Especially for dogs with thick coats. However, there is one downside, we would like them to be less heat after a period of time.  


  • Powerful,2-speed,heavy-duty clipper
  • Cool running smart design
  • Extremely quiet opration
  • Shatterproof housing


  • Heat issues after a period of time working


Check How Andis AG2 Works on Youtube:

3. Wahl U-Clip Deluxe – Extremely budget Friendly

Extremely budget Friendly Wahl U-Clip Deluxe

We have to talk about Wahl now because as a global manufacturer of Professional Grooming tools, Wahl has invented the world’s first Electric Clippers in 1919.

First of all, this U-clip clipper come with a 7,200 SPM heavy duty motor however quite enough even for noise sensitive pets.

The another good thing about these trimmers is that they come with patented ‘Super Shunt’ Motor(for increasing power),and which just make wahl u- clippers good enough for medium coat dogs.   

Besides, Wahl U-Clip comes with 16pcs extra hair clipper accessories in box. Who doesn’t want an surprise?

Over all, u-clip is just the one delivery high-value product at inexpensive price. However, they are not perfect for thick coats. If you don’t have thick coats dogs for grooming, there is a must buy.   


  • Reasonable price
  • Super Shunt patent motor
  • 16pcs extra accessories kit


  • Not Perfect for Thick Dog Coats (fine for light and Medium)


Check How Wahl U-Clip Deluxe Works on Youtube:

PS: To avoid hurting your dog. You should always go with the hair, not against it

4. Andis AGC2 – Pet Groomer’s Perfect Choice

Andis AGC - Pet Groomer's perfect Choice

As a professional clippers manufacturer, Andis is famous in delivering high-grade pet clipper. Although AGC2 can be pricier than other competitors, they justify prices by delivering some great features.   

As you know, lots of clippers company decrease the motor power of hair clippers in order to keep quiet for sensitive dogs during the working mode.Thats also the major reason why lots of clippers cant work with Thick hair dogs. Andis AGC2 makes perfect balance for quiet and power motor. It comes with 2 working speed [3400SPM] and [4400SPM].With that said, AGC2 working with all coats from thin to thick coats dogs. That’s really a must buy if you have many pets at home.

Another good things is, AGC2 Grooming Clippers also have Break-resistant housing design, which means you don’t have to worry about the break situation.      

We have to admit that it’s a very thoughtful design. The AGC2 smart design can improve the situation of clogged hair by eliminating fans and vents. And the A locking switch will make sure the clipper will not accidentally shut off.

Over all, AGC2 Clippers is decent for different parts. It comes with 14feet cord, its already enough for your move around pets and equipment. However, nothing is perfect. It will be perfect if it can be lighter. If you are okay with the mirror inconvenience ,you’ll find it’s just design for you.


  • Two Speed Mode
  • Mute Working Mode
  • The locking switch
  • Removable Blades
  • Enough length cord (14 Feet)
  • 5 Colors Available [Blue,Burgundy,Green,Orange,Purple]


  • Heavy a little bit


Check How Andis AGC2 Works on Youtube:


5. Wahl Pet-Pro #9281-210 – Extremely Budget (under 30$)

Wahl Pet-Pro

Now, we are going to look at something classic from Wahl. Wahl always give us an impression of providing high value product at Reasonable price. So does this one.

Wahl Pet Grooming Kits Includes lots of accessories such as clipper, blade guard, storage case, oil, cleaning brush, scissors, styling comb, mirror, four guide combs, instructional DVD. Although these are not our major concern, but they do helped us during grooming process.  

The blade is made of high carbon steel so it can stay sharp longer. We’re also happy to see it will increase 30% more power when cutting thick hair for pets owing to its power drive cutting system.

The another good things is Wahl Pet-Pro provides 5 Years of warranty [Others usually 1 years].In another way to say, they are very high quality products.

Nothing is perfect. For sensitive pets, the noise can be a problems. If your pets is moderate(not so sensitive), it’s a good choice.       

Over all, Wahl Pet-Pro Grooming clipper kits is a good products for the price. Its idea for Smooth, Short & Combination Coat pets. While they don’t provide the best experience in the market, Look at how cheap they are, and their performance makes this device an easy decision for buying. 


  • High Carbon Steel Blade
  • Power Driver Cutting System
  • Human mechanics design
  • 5 years of warranty
  • Good price


  • Noise can be issues for sensitive pets

Check Wahl Pet-Pro #9281-210 on Youtube:


6. Oster A5 Turbo –  2-Speed Animal Clipper

Oster A5 Turbo

Oster start to produce there first Professional Pet Grooming Clippers since 1924. Its an old company like Wahl.

Oster A5 pet clippers is available for 2 Speed working mode. With General speed of 3000SPM and High Speed of 4000SPM.So you can adjust the trimming speed by yourself just simply turn the button. It’s Very convenient. It’s a Trimmer suitable for all size and coats of pets.

Besides, You can do haircuts on dogs, cats even horses and livestock. Its really comes with a powerful, heavy-duty motor. So its not accuracy if you call its merely a Professional Dog clippers. Its Rather a Heavy duty Clippers for all pets.

This A5 Grooming Kits include Oster #10 detachable blade, Blade Oil, Clipper Grease, Cleaning Brush and Replacement Carbon Brushes. We have to talk about the Cryogenic technology for Oster Blade. All Oster Clippers blades are machined and cryogenically treated to extend the durability and long-lasting performance.

The only downsides is Oster A5 hair clippers is a heavy model. However, its also understandable cause duing to its heavy-duty motor and Powerful performance. From my side ,its designed more for professional use not at home grooming unless you are professional .    
Over all, its good value for money. If you are okay with the tiny inconvenience, it’s a must buy.


  • Suitable for all coats different size pets
  • Cryogenic technology Blade
  • 2 speeds Adjustable


  • Heavy (1.97 lb ) a little bit for infrequent groomers



Check How Oster A5 Turbo Works on Youtube:


7. Smimiker – long-lasting Cordless Clippers

Smimiker P6

For those who are curious, Sminiker is a relatively new company in the market that is aimed at providing quality Clippers at a moderate price point.

This is the first Cordless Grooming Clippers in our list. When talking about cordless, we have to keep in mind the battery life. The Siminiker clippers comes with a 2000mah Li-ion battery which can last around 7 hours with fully charged.

The blade is also important for a good Grooming Trimmers. Its blade comes with R shape edge deisgn and made from Titanium to make it quite durable and sharp.

The another good things is the devices runs very quite [below 50db noise] based on QSU-S technology.For those who don’t know, the regular living voice is like 70db. The full sets comes with an extra Stainless steel scissors,Comparing with those who don’t have a such accessories, it’s a benefit.

The disadvantage for Sminiker Grooming Kits is, it don’t have a lube oil inside. You have to order an extra one. But its not a big deal.


  • Ultra Quite Operation
  • R shape edge Blade design
  • Titanium blade


  • No Lube oil accessories


8. WAHL #9590-210 – Cordless for All Coats

WAHL #9590-210

It’s a huge explosive sale by the big family of Wahl. It’s suitable to all types of pet hair of claws, body coats and pet sensitive areas.

Wahl’s Cord/Cordless Pet Clipper is everything you need for grooming your dog with the convenience of cord free operation. The clipper comes with detachable blades for easy cleaning. The blades are specifically designed for animal hair. Wahl’s PowerDrive motor give you the ability to cut though the thickest coats.

The kit also includes an instructional DVD and color guide combs that make it easy to get your desired coat length.

However,big power consumption is a small flaw.However,compared to it wonderful functions,you can miss it out.


  • Cordless /Corded Model 
  • Sharper and Detachable Blade
  • Wireless Suitable for Operation
  • How to DVD
  • Five Year Guarantee Period


  • Short Battery Life Duing High Power Motor


9. Andis MBG-2 – Best for Starter

Andis MBG-2

Now We’re going to look at another model from Andis. Andis MBG-2.

Andis MBG-2 comes with 12’ heavy-duty cord and break-resistant housing which can make sure you use for years. With 3700SPM and detachable ceramic blade ,its may not perfect for thickest coats but good enough for grooming medium coat dogs.

Another good things is ,it’s quite enough when operationg which can comfort the pets effectively.

And they comes with a hard carrying storage case as well. That’s really nice for us to keep it so everything will be in tidy and clean after grooming.

Overall ,this electric clipper are pretty decent. Its mute , also with the sharp and durable blade and heavy duty motor. The only downsides is the body becomes hot after a period time grooming. But its not a major issues. It will be a good option if you are okay with that.


  • Mute Working
  • Heavy duty motor  
  • Removable ceramic blade


  • Hot issues after a period time working


10. Bousnic – First 2 Speed Cordless Model


Finally, the last product we are looking at is the Bousnic 2 speed dog grooming clippers kits. We have to talk about it because it’s the only one both with 2 speed and Cordless function in our list.

Bousnic clippers come with standard speed mode and high speed mode which can allow you adjust the Grooming speed according the thick/thin coats of dogs. Which are really nice.

And it’s hard to image with such power heavy duty motor, Bousnic can last 5 hours working after fully charged. The battery is controlled by a PCB board inside of the body so you have no need worry about the overcharging problems. That’s why they can provide 3 years warranty.

Besides, The Blade is made from ceramic and stainless steel so as you can see it’s a durable one as well. As for the working noise, it’s also not a problem for pets. It’s quite enough even for sensitive pets.

Over all, it is a model which surprises me. The only downside we’re facing is that the power may not strong enough for Heavy Coats. But it is understandable considering it’s a cordless mode. Anyway, it will be a good choice for you if you are okay with that.


  • 5 Hours Cordless Operating
  • Intelligent charging Control design
  • Quiet Operating
  • Durable Blade


  • The Power is not enough for Thick Hair