Best Dog Nail Grinder 2018| Trimmers Reviews & Buyer Guide

//Best Dog Nail Grinder 2018| Trimmers Reviews & Buyer Guide

Cutting the nails of dogs can be a painful task especially when your pet has huge black or brown nails. Making the dogs to sit in peace and obey to the behavior is one task and making them give their paw and see their nails cut is another. Like any toddler who likes to run away from sharp objects your dog is likely to restrain from chopping nails. A dog nail grinder is an easy way to smoothen the nails much before they become large and also save on expensive visits to the groomer. A few basic directions and you are ready to make it a good session with your dog.

Things to consider before buying nail grinder?

Nail grinders are tools which are designed to powder down the nails with its moving drill. It is mostly battery or cord operated and has a little cylindrical top which keeps on rotating and when touches the nails – grinds them. It is easy to work with and you should consider a few things when you buy them!

  • Painless: A dog nail cutter might cause pain at times but when your dog is accustomed to getting nails chopped with dog nail grinder is is actually easy and painless every time.
  • Smooth finish: unlike the chopping of the nails, the dog nail grinder gives a smooth finish from the start.
  • Money saving: Instead of going to a groomer each time and shelling out loads of money for trimming the dog nails, the dog nail grinder is actually a one-time buy for countless nail trimmings.
  • First hand trimming: Grinding of nail is possible even when the dog starts getting a bit of big nails which saves from getting hurt by the nails for long.

How to grind dog nails?

Consider the following steps to grind dog nails faster and better!

  • Consider the dog’s restraining behavior to the grinder and introduce the grinder to dog many times before you actually start using it on them.
  • Sit with the dog, take their paw in hand and use grinder at the lowest of speed and make the movements like touch – stop – touch in seconds.
  • The grinders turn hot instantly after touching nails and hence be careful of burning the skin around the nails
  • Work on one nail at a time, and may be just one a day if the dog restraints.
  • Work from one tip to another in smooth flow giving touches every second to cool down the instrument.
  • After getting the required length, smoothen out the nail by gently moving it again across the surface
  • Do it on all the nails and complete the process.

How I selected top products?

Selecting the best products from the market is indeed tough. With each brand coming out with new techniques, design and technology the beauty of every other product is unmatchable. However, to bring out the best for recommendations we chose the products on the criteria listed below:

  • Method of operation: It is always better to get the products which are easier to use and operate.
  • Time and effort: The dog nail grinder which took less effort and time to polish the nails is given the preference.
  • Customization: There are different speed and sharpness requirements for pets of different ages. The dog nail grinder which offers modes to operate for different pets is obviously picked more.
  • Portability: Battery operated, wireless, travel friendly etc. are requirements that one should definitely look into for best choice. We checked all of it!
  • Quality: Quality is the key to choosing the best of products from the market. The one which offer high quality motor, grinder body and tools wins the love!
  • Price: It is important to acknowledge great features in least of price. The products which extend good features at affordable price is picked!
  • Ease of use: In the end, it is always about easy and safe use for us as well as the pets, therefore the one which made the task easier was picked!
  • Brand: Some brands stand out in delivering best of pet products and hence are given a preference too!

Comparison table:

Name Editor's Advice Noise Power Source  
Dremel All Dogs Medium Cordless-electric Check Price
Herzko All Dogs Medium Cordless-electric Check Price
URPOWER Small/Medium Dogs Quiet Cordless-electric Check Price
Furminator Small/Medium Dogs Quiet Cordless-electric Check Price
Furpaw Small/Medium Dogs Quiet Cordless-electric Check Price
Furry Fido All Dogs Quiet Battery Operated Check Price
Innopaw Small/Medium Dogs Quiet Battery Operated Check Price

Products review

🐶Dremel 7300 PT pet nail grinding toolDremel 7300 PT pet nail grinding tool

Dremel is one of the high technology oriented company which manufactures a wide range of tools, saws, digital fabrication machines as well as special tools for designing. The Dremel 7300 PT pet nail grooming tool is one of the excellent designs from Dremel which has been specially developed with extreme care and technology. This is a rotary tool which provides for a very easy and safe method of smoothing the pet nails and giving them the desired size and shape. The Dremel 7300 PT pet nail grinding tool works with two rotation speeds to best ease the user and comes with 5 bands which can be changes according to use.  A wireless controlled tool which maximizes the use with a battery that lasts for about 3 hours.


  • Alternative to clipping
  • Safe and easy to use rotational nail grinder
  • Battery operated
  • Two rotation speeds
  • Interchangeable bands


  • Best suitable when traveling
  • Battery operated and thus very convenient to use
  • Interchangeable bands make for perfect shaping
  • Speed settings allow careful grinding


  • Cannot be functioned without battery
  • No outer cover to prevent from child or pet misuse

🐶Hertzko electric pet nail grinderHertzko electric pet nail grinder

Hertzgo is one of the largest producers of pet care tools which is a shadow of technology with smart use. The products developed by this company have transformed the way pets are taken care of. From simple tools like nail cutters, combs and more it has designed super value electric tools like the pet nail grinder, slicker brush, detanglers, teeth cleaners etc. The Hertzko electric pet nail grinder is a revolutionary design which matches with the needs of the customers who want to take good care while grinding their pet’s nails. The grinder comes with three mode setting which allows one to use it with three speed and exposure variations for best use. The low vibration and low noise motor ensures that the pet isn’t terrified by sounds and participates in getting nail trimmed well.


  • Made of diamond bit grinder acting as a safer nail clipper
  • Three size openings and grinder to cut small, medium and large sized nails.
  • Low noise and vibrations motor for a calmer process
  • Rechargeable nail grinder for best operation including a USB cable
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • Targets with speed and exposure related to length of the nails
  • Makes no noise and hence doesn’t scare the pet
  • Portable and rechargeable with even laptops and power banks
  • Easy maintenance
  • Doesn’t leave a trace of hurting the pet


  • Hard to operate for anyone new
  • Doesn’t have a cover to store safely

🐶URPOWER rechargeable pet nail grinderURPOWER rechargeable pet nail grinder

URPower is a renowned name in the industry for designing home utility products which are tech oriented. From oil diffusers, sensor lights, dog bowls, Bluetooth speakers to even the garment steamers, dog nail grinders etc the company manufactures a variety of products. URPower rechargeable pet nail grinder is a beautifully designed nail grinder which has been made with diamond bit grinder to ensure smoother and better grinding of nails. It is rechargeable and operates on battery lasting for about 3 continuous hours. The grinder has two settings to best suit the nail size and easier glide to make trimming and grinding easier.


  • Diamond bit cutter for best finish
  • USB rechargeable with light indicator
  • Battery lasts for 3 continuous hours
  • Super mute motor with smooth operation
  • Safe and easy to use


  • No noise helps in saving the pet from being afraid
  • Better finish and glide on nails
  • Long lasting battery helps in working
  • Light indicator ensures smooth operation


  • One has to be careful using the first time
  • Grinds sharp objects hence careful storage is required

🐶Furminator Nail GrinderFURminator Nail Grinder

Furminator the brand has established its name in bringing up the best of pet care products. From the best of combing tools for long and soft fur to even shampoos and conditioners, the brand provides for a whole range of products which one can make use of for best care of their cats and dogs. The Furminator nail grinder is one such tool which focuses on shaping the nails of your pet with care and safety. The Furminator nail grinder comes with a battery-operated motor which works at two speed settings and effortlessly moves through the nails to make them super smooth and easy to shape. The tool is extremely light weight and of high quality to ease working while also including two extra bands and 4 alkaline batteries in the package. This one glides with maximum control and safety.


  • Light weight and high performance nail grinder
  • Safe and efficient grinder
  • LED lights depict the speed and power level
  • Battery operated
  • Replaceable grind bands and batteries


  • Super light on the hand to work easily with pets
  • Replaceable grind bands and batteries make operation easier
  • Swift design is easy to hold
  • Maximized control on device while working


  • It makes sound which can scare the pets
  • Cannot be recharged easily at home
  • Need for purchase of more grind bands after a time

🐶Furpaw wireless pet nail grinderFurpaw wireless pet nail grinder

Furpaw isn’t that big a brand in the market. With the wireless pet nail grinder, which it provides to its user it has come to establish a good name for the high quality of the product and the efficiency that it provides for! Furpaw wireless pet nail grinder comes in a battery operated rechargeable option which makes it extremely travel friendly and portable to use. The grinding band is high quality and effortlessly glides on the nails of cats and dogs to smoothen them up to the ease and earliest. The Furpaw wireless pet nail grinder makes use of the diamond bit grinder to ensure that it can smoothly trim the nails no matter how hard they get to provide for an excellent finish. It works in three modes of speeds to best accommodate working on any household pet nails.


  • Diamond bit grinder bands for efficient grinding and finish
  • 3 speed settings for easy working with any pet
  • Battery operated and rechargeable with USB port
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • LED indicator for power
  • Safe and easy to use


  • Easy to work with for hours with a good battery life
  • High performance nail grind bands for smoother working
  • Risk free pet nail grinding
  • Suitable for pets like dogs, cats, birds and more


  • Need to buy more bands for later operations
  • Difficult for first time operators

🐶Furry Fido pet nail grinderFurry Fido pet nail grinder

FurryFido is a popular brand which manufactures pet toys, tools and more. It’s way of designing makes the brand stand out from the rest as they look ultra-glam and beautiful. The technology used by Furryfido for developing the products too are amazing which makes the play easier and tools more effective. Furry Fido pet nail grinder is one of the best buys from Furry fido for the high quality multi ergonomic and artistic design while also being an effective and utility tool. The Furry Fido pet nail grinder comes with 6 sanding bands, durable storage case, and battery operation. It works on two forward and two reverse speeds to best manifest the grind and attain perfection of shapes with ease. This one is not just a powerful tool but the design makes it look artistic too!


  • Powerful pet nail grinder with high quality grinder bands for maximum effect
  • Two forward speed settings and two reverse speed settings
  • Easy to hold and gentle on the nails
  • Battery operated
  • Comes with 6 sanding bands, cute storage file and an amazing design


  • Easy to operate
  • A beautiful grinder which makes everyone fond of it
  • Works effectively on the nails
  • Easy to handle and travel friendly
  • Easy to store


  • Cannot be recharged
  • Requires changing of bands frequently

🐶Innopaw dog nail grinderInnopaw dog nail grinder

Innopaw specializes in pet convenience products. It manufactures products which are directed towards the safe care, travel and essentials for the pets. The products like pet travel carriers, grooming brush, feeding bowls, litter mats etc. make it easy for us all to house cats and dogs and thus have much convenience. Innopaw dog nail grinder is one such utility tool which helps in trimming down the nails of our pet in a much easier fashion. The Innopaw dog nail grinder comes in the form of a compact design with thee ports and is cordless to make the use easier. The grinder is made of high quality bands which work on ABS case and quality motor to provide for good functioning. Allowing one to shift from different speeds and exposure to match the nail length of pets this one of the best pet nail grinder.


  • Covered grinding head for stationary grinding of nails
  • Powerful grinder for easy, time efficient and effortless grinding
  • Different port size for different grinding
  • Battery powered dog nail grinder
  • Durable with high quality motor


  • Easy for travel with portable chargers
  • Eases in careful grinding of pet nails
  • The three ports allow in maintaining exposure and speed
  • High quality motor makes for less sound


  • Needs battery for operation
  • Can be tricky to use

Pet nail trimmers make it easy to trim down the nails on time so that neither the house nor the pet suffers from any harsh cuts. The best of grinder works effectively in traveling, portable charging and makes less of sound while operating. Dremel, Hertzko, and Furry Fido pet nail grinders are some of the best with the best of features and technology. They work effortlessly on thick nails and provide for rotary nail file giving a smooth finish to nails, just as seen on TV. It’s better to invest in one of these rather than to book expensive appointments with pet groomers every fifteen days!

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