When you have compared with dog clippers vs human clippers. You may wondering are dog clippers the same as human clippers ?Can You Use Human Clippers on Dogs ? It is usual you may have this questions, becasue dog hair clippers and human clippers are devices which look way too similar. 
For better answering this question better, we must first understand the difference between pets and human hair.

The Difference Between Dog Hair and Human Hair

Dog Hair VS Human HairHuman hair is much thicker, harder and more brittle than dog hair. Under the magnifying glass, it can be clearly seen that the human hair is only one hair each pore, but most dogs are 3 to 7 hairs growing in a pore.
Soft hair or fibers are far more difficult to cut than thicker hair and fibers. For example, if you use ordinary scissors to cut cotton fiber, you will find that the cotton yarn will be stuck in the middle of the two scissors without breaking. However, if you use the fine scissors, it will be easy to cut the hair .Dog hair is much softer than human’s.
Let alone the dog’s The hair is much thicker than the human hair, and the trimming is much more difficult. Therefore, there is a high demand for the sharpness of the electric scissors.

The Difference between Dog Clippers and Human Hair Clippers?

Due to the difference in hair, the shaver and hair clipper are different in terms of blade width, tip configuration, design process, and the like. The main difference between pet hair clippers and human-powered hair clippers is the cutter head and motor.
The sharpness of the blade is much stronger than the sharpness of the blade used by humans.Steel material, heat treatment, grinding accuracy, pet blade selection, heat treatment and grinding accuracy, including the strength of the spring, etc. are much higher than the human blade as well.
To achieve these precisions, the interest and processing equipment and processing technology must be much higher. Under normal circumstances, the price of a pair of pet cutter heads should be much higher than the price of an ordinary person’s electric shears;

Since the different parts of different dogs have different trimming requirements, the pet hair clipper has a variety of different sizes and functions, but the human hair clipper can be completed with only one cutter head.

Maybe another example will give you a clearer understanding. For example, human beards, hair, other body hair, etc., with different hardness, different density, different growth directions, and different skin curvatures, there are different hair removal tools such as razors, hair clippers, and epilators. So the animal’s shaver is the same.



The human hair clipper is biased towards exquisiteness, compactness and convenience.
Dog Hair Clippers tends to be sharper and more wear-resistant, and the motor of the fuselage is more powerful and longer lasting.

Let’s take an example of Wahl:

Wahl Dog Grooming Clippers VS Human Clippers Comparison Table

FeaturesWahl Human clippers #79602Wahl Dog Clippers #9281-210
MotorPowerful and durable motorPower drive cutting system
BladesSharp Self-sharpening precision bladesCarbon Snag free sharp blades
CombsStainless steel secure-fit clip guide combsFour pet guide combs, pet styling comb
NoiseHigh NoiseLow Noise

You can either check their details page below to find our what customer say about them.The customer Reviews is very helpful when you are trying to learn a product.

Wahl Human Hair Clippers


Wahl Dog Hair Clippers


Conclusion About the Differece Between Them

Before you set out on using the human clippers on your puppy, here are the few differences between human clippers and dog clippers that you must know of!

  • Power of the motor

Human clippers are made especially for humans shaving of hair and have a powerful and durable motor that instantly trims the hair while dog grooming clippers have a much lighter motor used for the best use on pets. As pets tend to get scared of the noise and a powerful motor can be actually harsh on their skin leading to the skin being cut, the human clippers are actually not suitable for the dogs.


  • Blades

The human clipper’s kit comes with blades which are efficient in chopping the hair off. These blades easily cut off any length of hair. But the pet fur is not hair and it might not be possible for the human clippers to chop pet fur as effectively as it chops human hair. Therefore dog clipper is the ideal thing to choose because these have blades which cut down the pet fur easily.


  • Length of the cuts

Human clippers are mostly used by men to shave their beard or to removes body hair which requires a good finish. And therefore, the brushes are not too distant from the blades which when used on a pet can cause serious cuts. Dog clippers are specially designed to suit the length cuts which are suitable for pets and are therefore safe to use on them with no potential bruises being caused.

  • Kits with the clippers

When you purchase dog clipper kit you are provided with a special brush which works in combing of pet fur easily. While the human clippers come with kits which have combs that are more suitable to be used on humans. In any case, if one chooses to use human clippers on dogs they mind have to still invest on brushes specifically meant for dog fur combing.