How to cut a dog’s hair with human clippers?In general, we do not recommend using a human hair clipper to cut dog hair, because the human hair clipper and dog hair clipper are very different. However, the occasional use of a special case is not a big problem.

Pay attention to the following problems when shaving a dog with human clippers

One of the first things we should pay attention to is that it should not be too close to the skin when shaving. Because the razor itself is relatively sharp, the dog’s coat is longer, and it is easy to shave the skin if it is directly applied to the skin. So keep a distance from the skin at the beginning.

It is also important to note that it is best to shave for a while after shaving, and then turn it off for a while, let the hair clipper continue to work after cooling.

Because after a long time using clippers, the clippers head will have a hot problem. If the shaver is kept working, the temperature of the cutter head will be higher. If you accidentally touch the dog’s skin, it will cause the dog to feel pain and the dog will refuse to shave later.
Also, please do not use an electric shaver with insufficient power, which will cause the internal wear of the motor.


Preparation of Cutting the Dog’s hair

1. Use a comb to fully comb the pet hair
2. If the body is dirty , please wash and dry the hair first.
3. Untie some of the condensed hair. If it is not untied, please cut it off.

Problems to be aware of during the process of shearing:

You can test the pet’s reaction before shaving, and slowly observe its emotional response. If it is a self-respecting puppy, then dong shave too much.
To Avoide the dog nervous, talking to it while pruning , giving it encouragement.