Lion Mane for Dog | Golden Retriever Halloween Costume Idea

//Lion Mane for Dog | Golden Retriever Halloween Costume Idea

Having a pet in the house is a joyful thing. Like everybody else in the family, the dog deserves as much love as we do to our family. Therefore, in festive times such as Halloween, Christmas or party, it is always a joy to buy new clothes or do hair grooming not just for the family but also the pets. The Lion Mane for Dog is one of the things which are totally winning the hearts of people today. The soft furry manes which is worn around the face makes the dog(I tried with my Golden Retriever) appear like the lion from a jungle and add to their beauty too.

Furpaw Lion Mane for Dog

Lion Mane for Dog size

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SAFETY MATERIAL.Our Lion Mane is made of Faux Fur and toxic-free Polyester, It doesn’t cause any discomfort or irritation to your pet.

SUITABLE FOR MOST DOGS. The size of Lion Mane is adjustable according Dog Neck Size from 16″ to 31″[40cm to 80cm] . Perfect for any 6+ Months Medium/ Larger dogs.

EXTRA TAIL INCLUDED.We do care your maximum of fun.

UNIQUE IDEA FOR ANY PARTY. Halloween,Christmas,Carnival,Cosplay Party,Family Party ,school party ect.

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lion wig for dog

Golden Retriever lion mane

lion mane for golden retriever

Playing with the looks of your pet

At times, we all want to recreate our looks and change the way we look. When you are planning to decorate your pet a little different from the usual, the lion mane costume is definitely one of the picks that you can make. With a dog that looks like a lion, you can have a great laugh, play around with the pet, amaze them by showing them mirror or add up to the kid’s excitement with their new look.


Make special occasions more enjoyable

Time and again we come across celebrations in the name of Halloween, friend’s parties, pet parties, get together, theme parties etc., where we are all required to follow a dress code. There have been times when we take our pet along and have absolutely no idea of creating new looks with them. This is when you find something unique done by your friend i.e. the lion dog costume. With a simple scarf like mane the dog indeed looks like a lion and therefore to the excitement, you had been looking for your party!


People adoring the look of lion mane for dog

Walking across the park in the morning with your pet you might have come across dogs that have heavy fur and almost look like a lion walking on the road. Scary as it may sound, you cannot control the excitement to find out the breed or ask whose dogs they are. One of the fun things you can actually do today is to buy lion mane costume and be the one whose dog looks like lion. With this cute mane around the dog will appear like a lion with manes around and therefore make them wonder too. Enjoy the walk while you see a lot of faces frowning and questioning on the appearance of the dog!

Made of soft fur and safe for the dogs, the dog lion costume is a classy way to add excitement to the dog’s look. Be it a fancy-dress party or a random trick on the passersby during a walk, dressing your dog in a costume which makes them look like a lion is indeed hilarious. Lion wig for dog is the perfect idea to make your dog rejoiced with their look while also having a great time tricking the strangers or playing with the children. These costumes easy to procure from the market and easily worn by the dogs to make them more thrilled about meeting new people.

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