Let’s see how it looks like to have the coolest pets to have below.

Top 1. Tiger – King of beasts



Yes, It is. The pet raised by local magnate are really tigers.

Boggess from Brazil Maringa rescued two tigers from a circus. Since then he started to live with tigers. There are 7 tigers now.

Old Proverb says “Appeasement brings disaster”, but in this family, looks at how harmoniously they get along with.




Top 2. Creepy spider – Best pets for apartments

Dogs or cats ? These are out in their mind. Look at how beautiful they are?

Feeding is never a problem. You just need a feeding box, some clean sand and a small box for it. The Spider will stay alive even without eating for months. Grasshoppers, cockroaches are their favorite food. No noise,clean and tidy is the benefit for keeping a spider pet.

So the pet spider is also known as “lazy pet”. Really a best pets for apartments.

Top 3. Adorable Alpaca- The Cutest Pet


There are always some pets can generate attention naturally.

Recently, A Facebook users said, there is two Alpaca appeared in the town with peculiar and adorable shape. Immediately catch lots of attentions. They are taking pictures in succession.

After all, The two are worth about Twenty thousand US Dollar, this is a lot of money.



Top 4. Cobra Snake – One of most Poisonous Pets

Cobra, Rank Poison Snake, probably one of the most poisonous snake. Will you stay with it together every day?

India, a 9 -year- old little girl, get along with very well. (see how good relationship they are).




Top 5. Pet Pig – You have no idea how much they can eat!

480 lb of pig, Just imagine how big they are and they occupy a corner of your living room, what will you say?

Good thing is the Pig is easy to raise and train.

Although its may strange pets for others, A British woman Jeanne Blaine ,who loves pig very much, raised two Vietnamese pigs — Mika and jasmine. Each month she had to spend 130 USD on food. Sometimes her husband even jealous because of the “baby pig”.


Top 6. Crocodile — The King of river

We have to say the young man are really the vane of tide. Crocodile up!

(Although this Crocodile is a bit small, but it is a crocodile, what will they do if it grows up ).





Top 7. Zebra – The Princess of Grassland

An 18 -year- old girl ,in the Virginia of United States, has raised a zebra as a pet. How beautiful it is ?





Top 8. Turtles – The Undead

When it talks to Turtles, people easily to think about longevity.

Because of the that, People start to raise turtle recently. In the streets of Dalian city, the turtle have slipped with its owner, that do caught the people’s attention.Is it a weird pets for you?



Top 9. Monkey- The Small Pets

Recently, a pet monkey photographed in KFC by passerby becomes popular.

The small animals , who is even smaller than the cola cup, wearing colorful clothes drinks cola by straw.





Top 10: Wolf – Wild Pets

Whenever you talking about pet, your first opinion might not be wolves.

But living in California, Paul and Colette has lived with these beasts many years. It all started that Paul rescued a black female Alaska hybrid Wolf as well.

However, Paul said, to tame the savage animal, it’s impossible not to spend thousands of hours.


So ,which one is the coolest pets in your eyes ?