Best Wooden Dog Crate Furniture 2018| Complete Review

//Best Wooden Dog Crate Furniture 2018| Complete Review

Having a dog at home is the most wonderful feeling. With someone playing with you all round the day and being a part of the family who extends unconditional love all the time is simply incomparable. Therefore, it is our responsibility to extend to them as much comfort and love as we can. The wooden dog crate furniture is one such way in which we can make good space for the dog in the house while also making their essentials a part of our furniture.

 Why you need wooden dog crate furniture?

A modern house today does not cater to as much spacious needs as it did in the earlier times. Therefore, we plan for space really well so that our needs are met with the smartest of furniture choices. Wooden dog crate furniture is another such viable option where we can make use of space and at the same time provide a comfortable space for the dog in the house. Different with Wire Crate,this is a table like furniture where the dog can rest in the bottom while you can easily use the top as the table or decorative. Every person who has a pet in the house shall need a wooden dog crate as it helps beautify the house while making good space for the little furry friend!

Comparison table:

Merry Pet Crown Pet Casual Home Richell Solvit
Features Wooden Wooden Wooden Wooden Wicker/Rattan
Color Brown Brown;Mahogany Brown;Black;White Dark Brown Dark Brown
Size 32/40 in 30/40 in 24/27 in 25/30 in 30/36/42 in
Door Removable Removable Removable Removable Removable
Slide Tray Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price


🐶 Merry Pet 2 in 1 convertible Pet Crate and GateMerry Pet 2 in 1 convertible Pet Crate and Gate

Merry products are popular all around the world for its fine craftsmanship, unique designs as well as high quality. The décor products are known for their wooden finish and versatile use indoor and outdoors. The Merry Pet 2 in 1 convertible Pet Crate and Gate comes with a unique style where it serves as a wooden crate for the dog as well as can be made into a form of gate to guide the best stay of the dogs. The assembling and use are easy. This highly functional wooden crate comes with a plastic tray on the bottom to collect the waste which can be detached when stretching it into the form of gate.


  • Wooden crate alterable into a gate
  • Removable plastic tray at the bottom
  • 360-degree view for the pet
  • Perfect for blocking entry into rooms
  • Easy to assemble without tools
  • High-quality wood with a cover of veneer to match the style


➤  Dual use wooden crate for maximum care of the pets
 High-quality wood with veneer finish matches the interiors of most houses
➤ Easy to assemble and use and thus hassle free
 Comes in two sizes to match the needs of the house


Plastic tray at the bottom can be harsh on the pet body
Not safe for children

🐶 Crown Pet products Wood Pet Crate End TableCrown Pet products Wood Pet Crate End Table

Crown pet products are made from finest quality wood to provide for comfort and finish to the pet stay in the house. The Crown Pet products Wood Pet Crate End Table is made of a durable hardwood called as rubber wood which appears as good as teak. This is a tough and beautiful wooden crate with excellent finish and craftsmanship. Available in two finishes i.e. Espresso and Mahogamy, the Crown Pet products Wood Pet Crate End Table matches with the interiors of maximum households to best fit into space and bring comfort to the pet. Crown Pet products Wood Pet Crate End Table are also available in two sizes to match the needs of the house. With comfortable operation through swing doors, 360-degree view, easy clean surface, melamine floor etc. this makes for a much easy option to provide space for your pet.


  • Hardwood wooden pet crate for better space
  • 360-degree view of the surroundings
  • Smooth and shiny finish of veneer
  • Waterproof melamine MDF floor for easy cleaning and odorless maintenance
  • Two finishes for matching household interiors
  • Two sizes to cater to pet sizes and comfort
  • Extremely durable


 Beautiful shiny wooden pet crate for ultimate interiors of the house
 Swing doors support the best movement of the pet
Melamine floor supports keeping the pet in odorless and clean area
 Caters to pets as heavy as 80 pounds
 Solid crate supporting pet’s movements


   Latch system for locking might not prove effective for long

🐶 Casual Home Wooden Dog Crate FurnitureCasual Home Wooden Pet Crate

Casual Home is one of the popular manufacturing houses for pet crate designing and manufacturing. The high-quality materials and exclusive design of the house keep the customers lured because it extends great comfort to the pets as well as the owners. The Casual Home Wooden Pet Crate is a classic wooden pet crate which is polished with a white paint on the wooden crate which is constructed out of 100 percent solid heave wood. The wood is tough and is sure to work even when the pets bite and chew on it. The tough body, 360-degree view of the surroundings and an excellent space makes it a good option for people. Casual Home Wooden Pet Crate is available in three shades i.e. Black, Espresso and white and two size variants to suit your pet size.


  • Durable hardwood wooden pet crate
  • Versatile swing door for easy movements
  • 360-degree view and complete ventilation
  • Waterproof melamine tray on the floor to collect waste
  • Odorless and comfortable space


 A perfect and beautiful piece of wooden pet crate for the house
   Spacious for the pet
   Comfortable tray for lounging and odorless stay
   Half window covering for unhindered puppy sleep
   Appropriate for dogs up to 20 inches long


 The white variant can get dirty easily
 Can be scary for pets due to half view

🐶 Richell Wooden End Table CrateCasual Home Wooden Pet Crate

Richell is one brand which is known for its high-quality use of wooden in all its furniture designing. Providing the best quality wooden crate to store in the house and making space for the pet sleeping, the Richell Wooden End Table Crate is one of the most picked designs from their range of wooden pet crates. It is a stylish pet crate with enough leisure space for the pet. Offering the swing doors for easy pet access, removable sliding tray for best cleaning utility, perfect wooden finish to the design as well as variation of two sizes for meeting the size needs of the pet, this one swiftly matches with the interiors of the house and definitely adds to the beauty of it.


  •   Stylish leisure space in the form of a wooden pet crate
  •   Easy swing doors for easy movements
  •   Made of high quality wood with veneer finish
  •   Sliding tray for easy cleaning
  •   Available in two sizes for best suit of pets
  •   Comfortable space for pet lounging


High quality food and finish looks great in the house
 Makes for a good tabletop too
 Offers the pet easy lounging
 Easy to clean and maintain


 Available in just one color

🐶 Solvit Wicker Dog CrateSolvit Wicker Dog Crate

Solvit is a large supplier of pet utility products and essentials. Meeting the requirements of pet ramps, stairs, booster seats, bed protectors etc. they make sure that when you have a pet in the house, the house can still be maintained. And thus, the Solvit Wicker Dog Crate is another such utility designed dog crate which helps you make the pet lounge and sleep in a particular area. This saves a lot of space and dirt around the house. The Solvit Wicker Dog Crate is made of rhino wicker which is excellent in providing ventilation as well as is not difficult to clean and wash. The light weighted wicker dog crate comes in three sizes but only one color. It can comfortable lounge a pet of about 50 pounds or less and does not absorb any odor. The gates latch well and are free swing to provide for a good comfort of movement to the pet.


  •   Wicker dog crate for pet lounging
  •   Available in 3 different sizes
  •   Unique 2-way door for easy movements
  •   Elevated base for warmth and comfort


 Easy to clean and maintain
Good ventilation
 Doesn’t grip liquids or odor and thus long lasting
 Provides for a good lounging space


 Not as tough as compared to wooden pet crates
 Can be easily broken by excessive force
 Can be moved with good force by pet

Wooden pet crates come as an easy option to make for a good furniture while letting you create a space for the pets to sleep in a designated area. They help in saving the house from dirt specially in times when you desperately need to lock the pet in a corner and make them relax. The wooden crate from Merry is definitely the best as it also allows in marking the territory in the house when you want the pet to play in a definite area. But the pet crate by Solvit is functional too when you want to take the pet out with you but with protection. Therefore, no matter which one you choose always make a choice according to the quality, spaciousness and the color which matches the furniture of the house.

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